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Services/This is at the very beginning, we consult you impartially about your future education. We gather your data such as what university/course you preferring, your qualifications and put all these information into a structured format which help us to match all the crucial factors and find the best suitable options available for you. Our endeavour based on industry knowledge and experience, always ensure that you get the quality service.

We maintain our database up to date so that we are capable to provide our clients latest update on course requirements, scholarship information, discount offer on tuition fees, visa requirements and so on. A proper guidance from a trained and experienced consultant could show you the right path.


Admission and application management

Services/Once you finalize your choice, we supplied you a combined checklist and then compiles all the necessary documents required for your applications. We scrutinise all the documents you provided and ensure they are correct and up to date and meet application requirements. We then start submitting application to your chosen Universities on behalf of you.

Every time we proceed an application, we make sure the application are prepared in correct order and includes all the key points helpful to be successful. For example, we guide students writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and advice to add key points in SOP that it clicks on admission selection. We also guide students for the better preparation of ‘Credibility Interviews’ during visa processing.

Post admission help

Accommodation arrangement

Services/We understand difficulties involve during moving from your countries to abroad. This is a common issues with new University students, often get hard to settle down lifestyle while enormous study pressure. We try to share with you as much information possible that you can prepare yourself for your new place. You will get information on where to find homestays, accommodation on campus, international student housing, short term housing and hostels and related price ranges. Depends on requirement, we arrange private accommodation for students. Accommodation cost may vary in different places. Please contact us in advance to avoid rush and disappointment.

Flight booking and airport pickup

Services/We care about the students travelling from their home country to the UK. We have a complete service for booking flights with a very competitive rate and at the same time we arrange airport pickup on your arrival. We have affiliations with a number of well reputed travel agents.

We can also help you to book a pre-arranged taxis/rental car or let you know the details of other available commuting options from airport to your accommodation. According to the arrival information and destination, we will let you know the required third party costs. To avoid disappointment, contact us in advance.

Induction to necessities


  • Bank
  • Doctor
  • National insurance
  • Student travel card
  • Student rail cardv
  • Other facilities for students
  • Internship/work placement help

English Course

Services/We help you to choose the right English course for you. We have affiliations with number of renowned colleges who offer quality English courses. All of our partner colleges are English UK accredited and they have experienced teachers. Our experts can guide you to choose the right course according to your needs.  You can choose from the following courses:

General English

A general English course is for anyone and could be for any purpose. It will help you to learn English for your everyday use. This course is suitable for anyone of 16 years or above. Course length could be 2 to 48 weeks, usually have 15 hours lesson per week. This course is much more flexible that you can start any Monday.

Intensive General English (For prospective University students)

Intensive English course is suitable for students who is preparing for University admission, want to improve English for better career prospects, or who are progressing for English exam like IELTS. Usually the course is more than 20 hours per week and could be up to 48 weeks. More or less this course have flexible start dates, you can start this course on any Monday throughout the year.

Pre-sessional course (Leading to University program)

Universities often offer pre-sessional courses to students who want to come for higher study. Pre-sessional courses are usually offered to prospective students at both undergraduate and post graduate level who scores just below the entry requirement for English skills. This course is designed to improve the English skill high enough to cope up with higher education.

Foundation Program

Some of our partner colleges offer a range of courses and qualifications from a partnership of universities, colleges and training providers that these foundation degrees are directly accepted by the University program. One foundation program is usually designed to cover progression for more than one University programs. Course length might be 35 to 48 weeks long. Student get direct entry to certain affiliated University program after successful completion. Student has to meet certain entry requirements and selections procedure through admission.

IELTS Preparation course

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely recognized exam/qualification for English skills. Universities require different scores depends on course type and level. On average universities require overall 5.5 for undergraduate courses and 6.5 for post graduate courses. Course lengths could be long up to 36 weeks.

English for business

This course is aimed at experienced working people who are looking to improve their language skills for business purposes, students who aim to enter the business world and would like an introduction through English language lessons; and businessmen or women who have a specific trip to an English speaking country in mind and who wish to improve their language skills.

Courses are designed with different duration, which means if you think you need extra help, you can take tuition for extra hours per week. Some courses start very frequently so you do not need to wait for 2-3 months. Course fees may vary in different countries. Please feel free to contact us more specific information.

Student Camping and Training

We arrange two-three weeks long camping for group of students coming from outside of the UK. The camping includes specially designed English course with themed lessons which will help students English language skills and football coaching arranged with renowned football clubs and trainers.

Services/A standard course includes:

3 hours of general English tuition per day (Monday-Friday)

Flexible hours of football coaching plus a football match each week

Course completion certificate 

Accommodation and foods (optional)

Sightseeing and other activities.

Activities and facilities can be customised on demand

We do customized plan for camping and training session according to your requirements. To book a summer camp for 2015, please contact us now.