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Kemp House, 152 City Road,

London EC1V 2NX,

United Kingdom

  Phone : +44 (0) 231 433 884

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What is Referee?

Referee is a person or business organization who have either worked with us before, currently connected to us through business relationship or have knowledge of our business activities which are considered for recommendation, can explain basic information in details and answer general queries. They can either be contacted face to face, over phone and email. Referees get an agreed fee from us for their service.   

Please emails us or fill up the contact form asking the contact details of nearest referee in your country.


Be our referee!!

Sometimes student feels the importance of having advice from someone local. We understand how it is important for a student to get advice in respect of communication and being local. This is where you can help the students on behalf of us. You just need to convey our message or just only refer to us, we will rest of the jobs.  

A good number of academics worldwide refer their student to us for free consultancy. Individual professionals, alumni and previous clients refer their friends, family member, or colleague to us for quality services. So why not you? 

Get our friendly services. Whenever you need, we can provide you most updated information. No matter what profession you are in; regardless of your geographical location you can be our referee and earn referral fee of $250. Please email us your interest and we will send you full details with terms and condition.

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